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Re: [OpenDivX] encore 0.48

I am having the same problems with the 48 library.  By moving back to the 47
library I can encode some video streams.  However, I have managed to get
streams that will crash my BeOS 47 decoder, and also the Windows 48 decoder
under Win2k.  So I know that wasn't me. Tried getting xmps 0.2.0 to work
under Redhat 6.2 to test there, but it just doesn't like me or something.

I have been having tons of problems with the encore library really..
clipping off of the bottom of video.. and sometimes causing the decore
library to seg fault when calling free when closing the library.. (don't
ask, I can't figure it out..)


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Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 3:27 AM
Subject: [OpenDivX] encore 0.48

> hi !
> I used to encode and decode without any problem with 0.47. Since I
upgraded to 0.48, I still can
> decode stream previously encoded with 0.47 (including VO & VOL headers
taken from a stream
> encoded with M$ fdis), but I cannot decode stream encoded with 0.48.
What's wrong with 0.48 ?
> Has the encore API changed in some way (apart from taking YUV instead of
RGB as input) ? Does
> the decore 0.48 really take VO & VOL headers into account ?
> I also have a problem with stream encoded with the codec 0.48 (both using
FlaskMpeg and
> VirtualDub) : mplayer2 crashes after attempting to download a codec.
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