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Topic:		just an idea: include decoder plug-in in large streams
Author:		zap_25
Posted:		 2001-03-01 03:04
I wonder whether the file format of a big video stream (>650MB) can be
changed in such a way that it contains the binaries of the decoder.
Even with 6 or 7 supported platform I think this wouldn't require much
more than 1 MB.
The only requirement would be that the plug-in, in our case decore, has
to have the same interface with all players.

The big pro would be that you'll never have to worry if you have the
latest version of a plug-in or compatibility with old files (again, as
long as the interface is kept the same)

Topic:		DIV3 help
Author:		mossieur
Posted:		 2001-03-01 03:56
Same problem here with Softcinema (a movie player on AMIGA machines) and
the opendivx codec: it replies that it didn't found a decoder for div3

On 2001-02-20 07:43, rcharrington wrote:
I have some DIV3 avi files. I have downloaded and installed DivX, which
is supposed to have div3 and div4 codecs included. However, when I try
to view the div3 avis with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, I still
see the message "Unable to render video: DIV3 decompressor not

Any ideas anyone?

Topic:		Win 2000 Install
Author:		Hermit
Posted:		 2001-03-01 09:21
Hey, sorry to bother in this topic, but I could use a little advice. 

I had a systems meltdown a couple of days ago so I had to reinstall
everything. During that process I found out that you have a new version
of the divx. I downloaded it, installed it and just cant get it working.
Mediaplayer doesnt tell anything, tries to find a codec and fails. I
tried to figure out the solution that was offered in this topic, but
everything in my registry was as it is supposed to be. Divx.dll was
referred to divx.dll file and everything was in order to my sense.

I'm running on windows2k.

I would be extremely thankful if someone could offer me a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Topic:		Faster code
Author:		mcmab
Posted:		 2001-03-01 11:10
Eagle sent me some results of his tests  of some of my code.  He has a
Pentium III.

I had mistakenly identified a few of the routines as being ONLY 3DNow.
The instruction in question, PAVGUSB, does exist on the Pentium III (but
not on the Pentium II I have read) as PAVG.

Eagle's results were that CopyMBlockHorVer took 0.15s in the original
form, reduced to 0.03s with the new code. This, I am sure, is entirely
due to the better read structure on the memory channel.  500% is not
bad.  Without assembler code output I am not sure if the new code is
optimal but, good news, I now have the ability to compile locally.

Topic:		Faster code
Author:		mcmab
Posted:		 2001-03-01 13:34
Just generated a listing file of the VC++ 6.0 generated code from
basic_prediction_mmx.c. Ouch, there's quite a lot of overhead.  With the
compiler options set as per the downloaded DivX source we get quite a
bit of extra code:


 00000	55		 push	 ebp
  00001	8b ec		 mov	 ebp, esp
  00003	83 ec 40	 sub	 esp, 64			;
  00006	53		 push	 ebx
  00007	56		 push	 esi
  00008	57		 push	 edi
  00009	8d 7d c0	 lea	 edi, DWORD PTR [ebp-64]
  0000c	b9 10 00 00 00	 mov	 ecx, 16			;
  00011	b8 cc cc cc cc	 mov	 eax, -858993460		;
  00016	f3 ab		 rep stosd

and, more troublesome, the epilog

 00109	5f		 pop	 edi
  0010a	5e		 pop	 esi
  0010b	5b		 pop	 ebx
  0010c	83 c4 40	 add	 esp, 64			;
  0010f	3b ec		 cmp	 ebp, esp
  00111	e8 00 00 00 00	 call	 __chkesp
  00116	8b e5		 mov	 esp, ebp
  00118	5d		 pop	 ebp
  00119	c3		 ret	 0

Remember this is a routine that process just 64 bytes of video data.
There's 16 bytes of pop at the end, a call/ret pair to check the stack
and that stosd of 64 bytes - tho' writes are more "fire and forget" but
they will trigger memory reads on some processors (like write-allocate
on AMD).

Maybe we should be inling some of this stuff or declaring it naked.

Topic:		Faster code
Author:		eagle
Posted:		 2001-03-01 14:22
mcmab, are we looking at code compiled with Debug or Release settings
here?  If this is Release, then yes, it is not good.  Are you using the
compiler supplied with VC++?

Topic:		DivX 4a48 Windoze version doesn't work
Author:		uGGi
Posted:		 2001-03-01 16:24
Can't see the movies. (audio is ok)
Uninstalled it, then installed again, 
and still didn't work.

Installed 3.1 alpha version and now everything is fine, except the
installer crashed.. but hey, now I can watch those movies 

(running Windoze ME)

Topic:		Win 2000 Install
Author:		e7abe7a
Posted:		 2001-03-01 20:11
Probably you installed the new filter too and for some reason the filter
is not working on your PC. I try to give you some instruction to
deinstall the filter:

1. first of all check if the filter is in your system32 directory
(c:/winnt/system32/divxdec.ax). If the filter is not there... this is
not your problem, sorry.

2. Open a command line shell. start -> run, type 'cmd' to open a command

3. Go in your system32 directory:
cd ./winnt/system32

4. Unregister the filter:
regsvr32 /u divxdec.ax

5. Try to playback the sequences now
6. Let me know

I hope it helps!

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