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Re: [OpenDivX] Compliance

Hi Eric!

There are few things that can make our decoder not compliant. In particular,
there's not the GOP header parser and the quantizer rescaling in the AC/DC
prediction algorithm. We will add these piece very soon.


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I'm working (in fact playing ;-) on my side to understand how the
MPEG4 compression is working ... So I've read some papers about it,
for exemple a small part of the MPEG4 ISO paper, and finally I did
compile the microsoft mpeg4 encoder and decoder "fdis" version (V1)
that is used to be the reference codec as the momusys one is. After
that I did generate some movie with this codec and wanted to make
comparaison with the actual opendivx encoder ... but I wonder about
the fact that there is no compatibility between both encoder /
decoder ... For instance : a file compressed with the fdis encoder
won't work with the opendivx decoder and vise-versa ...

What the hell ??? Shouldn't the opendivx be MPEG4 V1 compliant ?

Best regards

- Eric Felten -

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