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Topic:		problem I can't explain
Author:		gldblade
Posted:		 2001-02-28 00:24
If you can get a hold of the movie The World Is Not Enough, you can use
it to see what happens.  In the opening scene, it can become very, very
blocky.  As in notice-at-once blocky.  I tried at a bitrate of 1600 and
it didn't do too well.  Meanwhile, DivX can do it at a bitrate as low as
800.  Anyway, good luck with solving the problem.

Topic:		compiled version with debugging symbols?
Author:		gruel
Posted:		 2001-02-28 07:32
sorry, if this is a little off-topic, but there is no forum, where it
fits better:

I received a beta-version of AMDs Codeanalyzer which seems to be quite
powerful (detecting pipeline stalls, including etc.) 
Unfortunately the program/DLL to be anaylized has to be compiled with
debugging symbols and "program database" from MS Visual C/C++. 

Since I don't have it (I'm a linux guy normally...) can anyone make a
compiled version of the codec with debug-flag and .pdb-file? Then
hopefully I can send back some results. 
And/or is there any place where I can get a copy of visual C/C++
reeeeeally cheap? 

chl ([email protected])
[ This message was edited by: gruel on 2001-02-28 07:32 ]

Topic:		alpha 48 + 16h
Author:		Georg
Posted:		 2001-02-28 07:37
i have the ronin movie with the new 3.22a48
encoded ( flask ), my machine has worked 16!
hours. is this real?

sorry for my english 

Topic:		Does anybody want this?
Author:		[email protected]
Posted:		 2001-02-28 09:42
Well, I had the same idea of doin' that. I even started to work on it
some days ago. Now I found this thread...
Need any help? 
My version isn't that good.

Topic:		problem I can't explain
Author:		doom9
Posted:		 2001-02-28 17:47
Eagle: I've of course done that too.. my standard test procedure is to
watch the movie before I grab frames.. and the watching actually helps
me to take screenshots at the appropriate positions. 

Now the problem I outlined (getting very blocky sometimes) looks
slightly less worse when using the DS filter (slider to the right) but
it's still clearly visible.

Topic:		How Do I Install The Encoder?
Author:		Super_Saiyan_Goku_SS
Posted:		 2001-02-28 20:46

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