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Topic:		Alpha 48 Bitrate slow to adjust?
Author:		milkman.dan
Posted:		 2001-02-27 05:05
I've noticed that I get freezes in the video now that I didn't get in
the 47a release. Seems like some parts of the decore are less stable
now. It's nice to be able to see how the PP works. I hadn't gotten to
use it until now. It's a little too destructive to fine detail for my
taste, but it's certainly an interesting option.

Topic:		OpenDivX Variable Bitrate Encoding
Author:		Sandman
Posted:		 2001-02-27 05:08
Even If I set those values very high, I never be sure to obtain an EXACT
file size (that is: using ALL the space I have available, no less, no
more = Obtain the best quality that can be stored in xx Mb with a given
And is not just a quality issue..have you ever encoded something
obtaining a file of 659 mb? or 632Mb? (Don't answer: overburn the CD:
that's not the point)


Topic:		problem I can't explain
Author:		doom9
Posted:		 2001-02-27 12:54
I've just finished a quality comparison article on DivX vs OpenDivX.
While the latter doesn't perform too shabby there have been a few
instances where it simply sucks.. and I was wondering of the developers
have any explantion for this behaviour (which I repeatedly noticed).

You can find it all outlined on <a
href="http://www.doom9.org/opendivx.htm"; target="_blank"


Topic:		problem I can't explain
Author:		eagle
Posted:		 2001-02-27 14:11
Thanks doom9 for one of the most scientific reviews to date.  It sounds
like our opendivx codec is now working very well.

I have one comment:  you do a lot of comparisons on still frames
extracted from various points in the video.  While this is extremely
valuable in finding out what is going on with the codecs, it is not
quite what the user sees.  When video is playing at x1 speed, other
visual effects come into play that can mask some artefacts while
revealing others.  

I'm curious to know how the codecs compare while playing at normal
speed, with postprocessing turned on.  There are international standards
for this sort of subjective test, specifying the colour of the test
room, number of people needed, lighting, size of screen, viewing
distance and rating scales.

What's your opinion of how the two codecs compared when viewed normally?
Do you see the same effects in full motion, full screen?

Thanks again for your evaluation, we will of course look into the things
you have highlighted,


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Topic:		problem I can't explain
Author:		tomnot
Posted:		 2001-02-27 15:27
Talking of artifacts you can see - The new 48a codec seems to have a
problem on scene transition/fading. As far as I can tell at all sizes
and bitrates it becomes blocky. The bitrate does not seem to climb fast

I was encoding the Goldeneye trailer from DVD. This effect was most
noticible when fading from dark to light just after the beginning of a
new scene.

Please can you look into this?

Other than that the codec is great!

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