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Topic:		PCTVPRO/Importing DivX
Author:		divxrocks
Posted:		 2001-02-24 21:42
  I love DivX and Mayo. I was using my PCTVPRO to capture video from VCR
with the Studio PCTV software and it was decent when saving the file as
a real meadia file.  My friend told me to try out divx.  Well I can't
import codecs with the Studio PCTV program, so I used Adobe Primiere and
that was AWESOME!!  But, I don't like having to render the file before I
see the transition that I add.  With the PCTV Studio software, it shows
the transitions instantly as soon as I add it without having to render.
   I would REALLY like to know if there is some way that I could trick
the Studio PCTVPRO software into using the Divx Codec?

Thanks allot!![ This message was edited by: divxrocks on 2001-02-24
21:44 ]

Topic:		Speaking of better codecs...
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-02-25 00:17
I would suggest against getting 0.0.7 just yet.  Stick with 0.0.6 until
some important fixes are introduced.

It doesn't compile with microsoft C++ compiler, and the author has fixed
some bugs in main.cpp and intra_dc.cpp.  It might work in Linux, but I
don't run Unix anymore (much to my regret).

Oh, I get the same distortions in the encoded frame with 0.0.6.  Perhaps
it is fixed in 0.0.7 (or in an unreleased patch?).

I'm still trying to get it to compile with a replacement implementation
of hash_map, and it doesn't quite work yet.[ This message was edited by:
Brians256 on 2001-02-25 00:18 ]

Topic:		Not YCbCr420?
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-02-25 00:28
It looks like I jumped the gun in responding to the question.  Sorry!
The web pages I read said that YUV was equivalent to YbCbCr.  However,
even after reading the page that Eagle recommended, I'm still unclear as
to the difference between the two.

Is YbCbCr a nonlinear conversion from the RGB colorspace?  YUV is (as
far as I can tell) a linear conversion.

Topic:		Speaking of better codecs...
Author:		Isibaar
Posted:		 2001-02-25 13:20
Brians, I compiled version 0.0.7 yesterday with the MS VC6. My initial
thought was right, you need STLport to compile. I downloaded Version 4
of STLport from www.stlport.org

The problem with the hash_map implementation will then be solved.
Moreover I had to make some minor changes to the code and the project
Unfortunately my build always crashes during encode with VirtualDub and
I had not the time to look over why.
But I just downloaded Sparky 0.0.8 and hope to get better results.

Topic:		Newbie help
Author:		maul1616
Posted:		 2001-02-25 16:40
Hi, I have been trying for weeks and weeks now to get divx running on my
system.  I have installed the new divx 4 codec and then run "run me
first."  When i try to run a short divx clip it serches for a codec and
it can not find it.  then it just plays the audio.  Im running on
windows 98se with t-bird 800 mhz chip.  Any help would be good.  this is
killing me!!  thanks

Topic:		Speaking of better codecs...
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-02-25 19:22
I've downloaded 0.0.8 and am testing it.  It compiles (at this point)
and I'll see if the quality issues are gone.

Then, I can start working on helping performance. 

Topic:		Newbie help
Author:		Brians256
Posted:		 2001-02-25 19:29
You are probably trying to play a clip created with the older Divx
codec.  They are not compatible!  You can safely have both codecs on
your computer, but the newer Divx codec will not play stuff made with
the older codec.  The older Divx codec will not play movies encoded by
the newer codec.

Apples and oranges.

Topic:		Windows :  codename Whistler
Author:		#AS#IS#
Posted:		 2001-02-25 19:52
Is the current stage of opendivx compatable with Windows WP.  Has anyone
bothered to test on this platform.

Im assuming it'll be no different to ME or 2000 but we all know
Microsoft dont we ?

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