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[OpenDivX] DirectShow Filter Bugs

If you haven't already noticed we have released a DirectShow filter.

The DirectShow filter has a couple of problems... I still didn't figure
out how to solve them so I'm posting these known issues on the forum. I
hope some good guy can come out with some suggestion.

1) The filter uses the VIDEOINFOHEADER2 structure. This solves an
incompatibility problem between the way that the GUI and DirectDraw
interpret the field biHeight of the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure...
without this fix sometimes the output bitmap appears reversed until the
decoder reaches a keyframe. By the way... this structure seems to work
only with an Overlay Mixer filter connected to the output pin of the
DivXFilter and some graphic card don't like this. For example, on the
i810 graphic chip the filter can't work.

2) WMP goes in deadlock when I click on stop during the playback. This
fact made me crazy today ;-( Since the filter is overriden from the
CVideoTransform basic class I suppose that all the thread/critical
section management should be done in the base class for me. I'm so


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