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[OpenDivX] using mpeg2 decoding hardware for divx decoding


I'm a software engineer working for Philips semiconductors and currently I'm 
looking into porting parts of divx to Philips Trimedia:
and Philips Nexperia:

Both platforms have hardware support for MPEG2 decoding as well as video 
coprocessor units which can do things like filtering and colorspace 

>From the limited MPEG knowledge I have I think I can use parts of the MPEG2 
decoding pipeline for divx accelleration, this includes:
-Variable length decoding
-Run length decoding/Inverse scanning
Then there's the image coprocessor which can do post-processing, it has 4- 
and 6 tap polyphase filters with up to 64 fases.

But again, I could be mistaken. I've been studying some documents on mpeg 
and it looks like mpeg2 and mpeg4 are much alike. But then again there must 
be some big difference between the both since divx is much more compact than 

I would be most thankful for anybody who can give me more insight in this. 
IF my initial ideas are correct I'll be able to make a PCI-card that does 
divx decoding wihout using the CPU, with an output to TV.


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