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Topic:		Does anybody want this?
Author:		czw
Posted:		 2001-02-21 18:07
I happen to have some free time right now. Instead of spending it on
something constructive, like drinking beer, I decided to come up with
two ideas for speeding up video encoding: 3DNow assembler code and
distributed encoding.

By converting the critical parts of the encode code to AMD:s 3DNow
instruction set, one would see a speed increase. The same could be done
with SSE(2), but I can't test that since I only have an Athlon and a
K6-3 available.

Distributed encoding sounds even funnier: send unencoded data (in blocks
of about eight seconds) to two or more computers, who perform the video
encoding a and returns the finished DivX  video sequence. This way, you
may almost cut the encoding time in half if you have two equally fast
computers in a network.

Is there some work done on any of these projects, and/or do they sound
good to you? The second project would be great in local area networks
with lots of spare processing power.[ This message was edited by: czw on
2001-02-21 18:07 ]

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