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[OpenDivX] DivX Streaming Project Plan

The DivX Streaming Project has been officially kicked off by feamster
(aka Nick).  His
plan is attached below.

If your interested in joining in the project, please join the
DivxStreaming mailing 





We had a meeting last night on IRC to discuss plans for the project.
Below is a rough task schedule.  Feedback is welcome.  We will have
another meeting on IRC next week, time and channel TBA.

Open issues:
When and how we will integrate AVI demuxing.  Adam (c0redumb) and I will
be discussing this on Tuesday.
The current plan/tasks is as follows (please update website

1. Take existing code and prune to bare bones RTSP/RTP implementation
	- take out congestion management CM and layering stuff
	- take out reliability stuff
2. Integrate the divx codec into the streaming arch so we can decode
frame-by-frame. (This must also be done for windoze, any takers?)
3. GUI (I am not going to do this, we must recruit for this as well, for
both windoze and linux).

-> test over local ethernet (no losses, low latency, etc.)
By this point we should (I hope) have nice pictures streaming across,

-------------------- Roughly Week 1 of March --------------------------

===> Design for additional functionality should also be roughly complete
	by this time.

4. Start adding back in functionality:
		- FEC
		- congestion management functionality
		- error resilience functionality (reliable extensions to
			RTP, retransmissions, etc.)

5. Testing over simulated and real networks...

How does this sound?

DivXStreaming mailing list
[email protected]

OpenDivX mailing list
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