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[Opendivx] decore/encore API change requests


I just want to ask you, opendivx core developers to do some
little change on encore/decore interfaces.
The only think I want is YUV (YV12 planar and maybe YUY2 packed)
input and output.

I've seen that encore wants Y,U,V pixels in 16-bit (short int) format
instead of bytes. You should allow users to pass 16-bit/component
images, so the application can do the conversion.
(for example the decoder in the mpeg2->opendivx converter can be
changed to output 16-bit/component pixels)

In the encoder it's easy to add these changes: I'm using (in my
linux encoder) the 'flip' flag to do this.
CUrrently flip==0 means normal RGB image, and flip==1 means flipped RGB.
I've added flip==2 for YV12 planar 8bit/component image, and the
other formats (YV12 16bit and YUY2) can be added as flip==3 and ==4.

For the decoder just see the libdecore for linux, it has this feature.

YUV i/o is very important, because most of the current hardware &
software (I mean windows/DX, linux/Xv, mac, beos) can do YUV overlays,
and most file converters/recompressors use YUV internally
(because most input formats (huffyuv, mjpeg, mpegs etc) are already
YUV, so why convert it to rgb and then back to yuv?).

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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