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[Opendivx] divx, the scope

i checked projectmayo website but i have not really understood where opendivx project want to move.
i see 2 possibility:

1)build something like an opensource core for mpeg4-compliants encoder/decoder, of course some parts of mpeg4 will not be implemented as they are of not real interest (example the synthetic stuff encoding etc..)

2)build something new from the scratch to do what mpeg2 was already doing but with better algos and ideas (can be aac or wavelets or whateva), most important, just something free that allow you to encoded DVD movies when ripped.

i think 1) will be the ideal for everybody and can help a lot for the future opensource programs, actually i think it's not very clear if MPEG group will be ALLOWED to publish a code implementation free for everybody of their standard, if the mpeg4 will be free or licensed and who will pay the license to who.

2) is of course easier to implement and can get rid off all the extra things of mpeg4 we don't need when copying a movie.
Does things like object-based encoding respect frame-based encoding really help in divx or is just cause divx is directly borned from a mpeg4 encoder?

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