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RE: [Opendivx] linux mmx decore...

Title: RE: [Opendivx] linux mmx decore...

Use token pasting.

#ifdef WIN32
#define CSYM(a) a
#define CSYM(a) _##a


        mov     eax, CSYM(c_var_name)

Wouldn't that work?  It's a bit more cumbersome, but I believe
it is better than enforcing the use of nasm.  I believe it would
be best to keep the SW requirements to a minimum so that it
encourages as many people as possible to work on the code base.
Most of us have very little time, and, frankly, I don't want to
waste it installing nasm.

Note: I don't use token pasting, so the above code could be totally

Brian Smith
Senior Software Engineer
Cascade Microtech, Inc.

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This is a good idea.  Only (minor) problem is that you need a leading
underscore on every symbol for Windows and not for Gnu.

Could you Windows guys on the list cope with installing nasm and entering a
custom build step into your project? ;-)

Here's a summary of the three approaches for using assembler in our project
(let's ignore gas .s files):

(1) ** C with inline Intel-syntax **
In Windows Windows:  easy, use M$'s compiler
In Gnu/linux: you have 4 options
a. use wine to run cl.exe (or perhaps icl.exe though i haven't tried it yet)
b. run the code through intel2gas then use gcc/gas
c. wait for gcc to support inline intel syntax
d. hope that intel ports their compiler to linux
e. import a .o file compiled by someone who has one of the above!!

(2) ** C with inline gas (AT&T) syntax ** (I believe this is obsolescent)
In Windows:  use cygwin/gcc
In Gnu/linux:  use gcc

(3)** nasm format assembler files **
In Windows:  use nasm
In Gnu/linux:  use nasm

For now option (1), C with inline Intel-syntax, is the projectmayo prefered
option.  I'm sure everyone understands that is very important that we know
where the master, best, fastest MMX/SSE code is.  Ideally we should have
code that will build on any x86 platform.  nasm looks like that it might be
that utopia.....



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