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Re: [Opendivx] documentation, mpeg4 divx etc...

I compiled a list for video streaming, it should go up on the projectmayo
video streaming page when it is launched.


On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, ridaas syncprodz.com wrote:

> i would love to make a page on the web with updated links to any documentation related to mpeg4 and divx that can be useful to anyone want to enter the field of video-coding.
> i tried to look around but didn't found any good docs or tutorial on this.
> i think it's good to have some coding documentation for the people who will implement the opendivx stuff but it woiuld be nice to have references for people who already know about coding in general but maybe lack knowledge about video.
> expecially some docs about putting the things in a right contest (where divx come from, which are the liasons with mpeg4 standard, which are the difference, where we are moving..)
> anybody know good urls already?
> federico
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