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[Opendivx] .divx file format without messed up line wrapping. Ignore the previous message.

When is work on the new .divx file format going to begin?   I have been
thinking recently that a new file extension would greatly help the success
of the divx standard.

The first time I downloaded a large (300 MB) divx file, I threw it away
because I could not play it.  I am sure this happens all the time.  If there
had been a diferent extension, I would have searched for a player.

I understand that keeping the .avi format lets you use all the existing
windows video software, but there are some options to deal with this:

    1) Create a program to (mass) convert .avi to .divx and vice versa
without recompression. (Maybe throw in .qt as well).  If you needed to edit
a divx file in  a non-compatible software package, you could convert it,
edit it, and convert it back.

    2) Create a Direct Show .divx splitter.  From what I understand, Divx
currently looks like this:

[File Source]
[ AVI Splitter ] ------ [Audio Decompressor]
[ DivX Decompressor ]
[Render Filter]

        If we replaced the AVI splitter, we would no longer need to use the
AVI file format.  With a new splitter in place, it would be trivial to add
.divx support to any DirectShow program.

    3) Convince people to add native .divx support to their programs.
VirtualDub would be easy, but big ones like premiere would be hard.

I can see three big advantages of the new format:

    1) People would not think that the file was a broken avi.

    2) If the new file format was designed with streaming in mind, someone
could start an open source streaming .divx server.  This could compete
against streaming .WMV .ASF .RM and .QT.

    3) No more 2GB file size limit.  :)


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