I have hidden 99.999% of the diary entries today. This has been done for personal reasons, in part related to my embarassment at how pathetically lonely I've been as of late, and a desire to revamp my data-entry system, so I can put my old writings up.


Search has been updated to search all tables, not just the diary-entries.

doesn't search the t-shirts though.


new toy


Lots of changes. Josh has been playing with fulltext associations, and shared his code with me, so I'm playing with it. of course it kills my formatting. but it's funny what it links and doesn't.

Cinco De Josho

Josh's birthday was yesterday, we had a party. I took some pictures.

Get your groove on

Josh always bugged me that I should make a page where I list all the restaurants I've been to/etc, and my review of them. So I'm working on that. I've started with a club-list for now. I'll do more eventually.

Tivo changed my life

It's 4:30...the morning 4:30, I'm awake 'cause I couldn't keep from going to sleep early last. I have to be at work at 9am, so I didn't go out. But thanx to Tivo, I still have wonderful things to watch, while I do some housekeeping. I've linked to the mp3's I broadcast via Live365.com, and the other day I put up a bio page. Still lots planned, but I'm hungry, so I'm baking bisquits before work =)

ch ch ch changes

Update 04-19-2001 Some people may have noticed the diary stuff was back up, albiet "secretly", in that I hadn't advertised it, and left the link invisible. I still haven't fixed my problems, so all my postings will still be very short. Anyone who knows why I might be getting wierd php errors when trying to submit a form with more than 1700 chars of data, suggestions aprpeciated. I've also fixed some of the off-line mail archives, most specifically the OpenDivx list.

And I fixed my tatoo pics and WTO pics, well the /rawpics versions, heh.

Wear Me

Update 04-19-2001 Yeah, that's right. You can wear my ideas again. I don't have all my old shirts redesigned for'm yet, but I've got a couple new ones at Cafe Press. You should check'm out. Or make suggestions.

Or make your own shirts

life goes on

Update 04-17-2001 A big shoutout to DynDNS.Org for providing their wonderful service, which has allowed the playlist tracking option to be reactivated. For those who never tried, it's the "DJ D.J...." stuff...lets you see what music I've been listening too recently. I'm working on a perl (or tcl, I'm not picky) script to massage the current html-list, and turn it into an active link to the audiogalaxy search page for the particluar band and/or track one selects. Somethin like that. someday.

woo hoo

Update 04-12-2001 Thanks to soon to be fucked Outpost.Com, I've got a couple new cheapo-webcams, one of which I've even made an attempt at hooking up. So lego-cam goes somewhere again. no high-speed watching, sorry, the 56k modem just can't take it. And no telling how often Speakeasy will disconnect my mostly idle dial-up line. But while they don't...


Update 04-01-2001 Welp, as some may have noticed, FunkAsPuck comes from somewhere new now. Yup, that's right, reflex communications went under. That means I have no more networking at home. Now I'm starting to regret having no landline. I've ordered one as a stop-gap measure. And I got a dedicated hosting dealy for my webstuff. This actually will simplify my developmental learning of webstuff. In theory. In the meantime, I'm enjoying not having email at my fingertips. And borrowing good friend's net when I have to.